Our Mission

We are committed to providing an educational program that is challenging, creative, nurturing and child-centered. We are dedicated to offering an inviting and stimulating environment and developmentally appropriate program such that each child’s social, emotional, and cognitive growth is encouraged and valued. Learning should be a joyful experience.


Our philosophy is based in our belief that children are competent individuals who can construct their own meaning of their experiences. The teacher’s role is not to provide all the correct answers. Rather, the teacher provides the occasion for discovery and learning. Our approach is hands-on and multi-sensory. We recognize that children have a natural curiosity and a predisposition to enjoy the unexpected. Children engage in active exploration and investigation to make sense of their world. We strive to fuel children’s investigative impulses and encourage discovery, promote questioning and challenging of ideas, and formulate connections of experience.


We respect children’s multiple ways of demonstrating their intelligence. Children are encouraged to develop their individual strengths and each child’s unique contribution to their community is appreciated. Strengths are celebrated and valued while opportunities are created to provide exposure to, and enhancement of, other talents and skills. Children will be given the opportunity to express themselves through music, painting, drama, song, movement, and play.