Infectious Disease/ Covid-19 Health Policy

Our priority at The Little School is to ensure the safety of the children and the staff that come to our center every day.  We are working on creating new procedures every day in order to achieve this goal, but we will not be successful without your help!  The Little School is following all communicable disease guidelines set forth by Child Care Licensing and the CDC.  We understand that we must do our part to keep your children safe.

As the risk in our area for Covid 19 increases/changes, we are asking each of our families to acknowledge and agree to the following procedures.  We only need 1 form per family.  This form must be turned in, in order for your child to be admitted to our school.

Child’s Name:______________________________  DOB:________________________

Child’s Name:______________________________  DOB:________________________

Child’s Name:______________________________  DOB:________________________

I, _______________________________, ___________________________________

        parent/guardian                      relationship to children listed above

Agree to be aware of my child(ren)’s health.  If my child(ren) or any person within my household show any of the following symptoms, I agree to keep them home

     *Fever over 100.4

     *New cough of any kind

     *Shortness of breath

     *Lethargic, overly tired, unusually calm or quiet

     *Mild respiratory illness/issues

I agree to only have my child(ren) in attendance if they are symptom free. If my child(ren) or anyone living within my household has any of these symptoms, I understand they will not be allowed to attend The Little School until they have completed a 10 day exclusion and are symptom free for 72 hours. I agree to notify management of any conditions or changes in my child’s health status. I agree to inform TLS if my child tests positive for Covid 19 so that TLS can take necessary mandated steps. TLS agrees to keep your child’s identity confidential. I also understand that I am responsible to pay for my child’s enrollment at TLS since the position is reserved solely for my child whether they are in attendance or not. TLS regrets the need to enforce this policy, but we are trying to ensure the financial sustainability of the childcare center at this time. If I enroll and am accepted then I agree to pay my child’s tuition should I choose to keep my child home. I agree to indemnify and hold The Little School harmless against any damages, loss and claims that occur due to my child’s attendance.  The Little School has plans in place to keep our children and staff safe from Covid 19.

I certify and acknowledge that I have read and understand the Covid 19 Health Policy and agree to the terms listed above.

Signature:___________________________________   Date:______________________

Print Name:__________________________________________________