TLS After School Application

After School will build on all that we do here at TLS. After a long day sitting at desks, we will take our children on walks, explore the creek, create art, make music, hang out in the yurt, and enjoy the afternoons together. There will be age appropriate time allotted for homework, as well as a snack. We will pick up students from Hillsborough Elementary, Expedition, and Cameron Park on our TLS Bus! Children from New Hope Elementary will be transported via Orange County School Bus. If your child has transportation from another school, we are happy to have them! After school runs from school release to 6:00.

2019-2020 After School Tuition: 

$245 per MONTH for full week care from traditional school (9 months)

$190 per MONTH for full week care from Hillsborough Elementary (12 months)

$225 per MONTH for full week care from Expedition school (10 months)

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