Duke Campus

A full-day preschool and child development center offering a nurturing, exploratory, educational program serving children 12 weeks to six years. Open to Duke benefit eligible members only. 

Our Reggio inspired Durham School is located near Duke’s West Campus, serving approximately 175 gleeful children. We have several outdoor playspaces where children can discover, run, jump, dig, dance and delight in a safe nurturing environment. Students and teachers alike enjoy long journeys in the dazzling woods that surround our campus. Classes take hikes to The Nasher, ride the Bull Connector downtown, explore the creek bed, and unearth all the mysteries the four seasons have to offer. Our rooms are designed to facilitate all the wonder and exploration a child can dream up. We host professionally trained chefs, who create locally sourced, organic and nourishing meals for our staff, children and families alike. 



Group Tours  

In this time of COVID, we will be suspending all tours until further notice UNLESS we have a current opening. We look forward to showing you the sights and sounds of TLS Duke! Let us know if you have questions in the meantime. 

New Hours

While North Carolina combats COVID, we will be reducing our hours and classroom sizes for the next few months. Our New hours will be 7:30-5:00, with the option of a 5:00-6:00 add on.