Seekers: Rose, Julie, Veta


Rose has been a teacher for over 24 years. 14 of those years were spent as a special education teacher in Costal N.C. Rose has been an early childhood educator in the triangle for 10 years. She has been at The Little School of Hillsborough since it opened. Rose’s education consists of a B.S. degree in special education from Appalachian State University and numerous college courses in both elementary education and early childhood education. Rose lives in Durham in a household of teenagers. Her current hobbies include yard work, home improvements, and arts and crafts. When Rose has a quiet moment to herself, she enjoys Sudoku and reading historical fiction. Rose visits  her elderly parents every other weekend in Burlington and gets away to Atlanta to visit family members when the chance arises.



Even as a little girl, Julie has always loved children.  In her senior year of high school, she thought she wanted to be a nurse, but she still could not get away from her love for children.  She was homeschooled all the way from kindergarten to 12th grade.  She then attended Piedmont Community College, where she received her Associate’s degree in Early Childhood this past May.  Julie recently got married, this has been a very exciting year for her!  She is excited to see what the future holds!



Veta has been working with children for 10 years and has always had a passion for children.  She also has a love for hair and nails, drawing, painting, and seeing the world as an open way to express yourself freely and in an artistic way, always feeling free to express herself through drama and any type of art form!  Veta has struggled with Dyslexia as a child, where she saw her letters and words differently than the other children in her class.  Being encouraged by her mother that she can do anything that she puts her mind to, she always looked for different ways to help herself with the Dyslexia.  Because of her mother’s support, it made Veta want to help other children with their needs.  This is why Veta spends her free time as a Missionary, giving back to others.  And working with the youth at her church, which brings her lots of joy!  Veta is always pushing herself to learn more, that’s why she can’t wait to further her education in Early Childhood. Veta will be marrying the love of her life in February, as he has shown her that it’s about family and being united as one.  She can’t wait for the day when she will hold and love her own children!