Innovators: Davian, Christen, Gulia



Originally from Massachusetts, Davian moved to North Carolina in search of warmer weather and to attend college.  She graduated from Elon College in 2002 with a B.A. in Human Services and a minor in Psychology.  She started working with young children as an after school care teacher and a summer camp counselor where she learned a wide variety of camp songs that she lovingly sings with her children every day.  After college she gravitated back to her work with children and became a lead teacher for Toddlers, Twos and Preschool groups.  She was introduced to the Reggio Philosophy and loved the value it places on children's ideas and interests, and its respectful view of early childhood educators and the environment.  In her free time she loves to watch baseball (GO RED SOX!!), and enjoys outdoor activities with her son Dexter and her husband Steven.  She also absolutely loves to take road trips and explore new places.



Christen was born in Knoxville, TN and lived there all of her life until she moved to Georgia in December 2013, with her fiance’.  Now she lives in Durham, NC and loves it!  She has a passion for Early Childhood Education and just loves broading the young minds of children.  Christen went to school at Pellissippi Community College in TN for Early Childhood Education and plans on finishing her degree.  Her goal is to make each child feel special, loved and capable.


Giulia graduated from the University of North Carolina-Wilmington with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science and minor in Psychology. She spent the summer working at a kids' mountain camp in Colorado as well as traveling in Europe, made her way back home, and soon found the Little School and immediately fell in love with the school's approaches and values concerning early child care and education. Giulia has worked with children of all ages in an array of settings since high school. She has worked before and after school programs, one-on-one with special needs clients, and at various camps. She held internships at different preschools and with children with Autism developing personalized physical education plans. She also volunteered  two summers for a muscular dystrophy camp and a therapeutic horseback riding program, as well as earned her clinical hours at a pediatric occupational therapy clinic in Wilmington. Giulia values every experience she has had with children and incorporates her knowledge of child psychology, physiology, and the methodologies surrounding occupational therapy every day at TLS. She has been passionate about working with young children and finding new ways to provide them the support and tools they need to gain confidence, independence, and a passion for learning about anything and everything that sparks their interest. Giulia hopes every child will leave her care with a love of play, books, nature, and every creature in it, especially themselves.