The Little School of Hillsborough

Our Reggio inspired Hillsborough Campus sits on 3 acres of land and serves approximately 240 gleeful children. We have several outdoor playspaces where children can discover, run, jump, dig, dance and delight in a safe nurturing environment. Students and teachers alike enjoy long journeys in the dazzling woods that surround our campus. Classes take hikes to the "magic tree", and "the mountains", explore the creek bed, and unearth all the mysteries the four seasons have to offer. Our rooms are designed to facilitate all the wonder and exploration a child can dream up.


Closed 1/10/17

After much consideration ( aka agonizing, hemming and hawing) TLS will remain closed Tuesday January 10th. As we surveyed the roads today, we found the same story all over the area- spotless main roads, and downright treacherous secondary roads that have yet to even hear a snow plow. We can not in good faith send our families or staff down those icy corridors. Please be safe!

School Closed 1/9/17

We have made the decision to close tomorrow Monday January 9th. Though the main roads are in good shape, the side roads, and College Park Road in particular are impassable. We simply can not get our staff or our children here safely. Stay warm, and we look forward to seeing you as soon as it is safe! 


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