The ancient woods of northern Scandinavia are full of trolls, gnome, and elves. At least according to Simon’s grandparents who, throughout his childhood and early adult life, would often take him and his brother out foraging for wild berries and mushrooms. Learning how to turn the berries into jam, mushrooms into stew and flour into bread or cookies, Simon developed and has maintained a passion for taking what nature provides and turning it into foods, toys, and treats.

In college, Simon studied math education and philosophy and spent most of his working life teaching secondary and primary school in his home country, Sweden. His childhood interest in cooking and baking also helped him to find work in various kitchens around the world as he spent years traveling in Europe, South and North America.

Simon finally settled in North Carolina by summer 2014 and found his way to Durham and The Little School in the fall of 2018. With a curious mind and an open heart, Simon wants to share his passion for experimenting with and refining what nature gives us and hopes to help the children at The Little School learn these things with him.