Mary N

Mary joins The Little School with 15 years of experience working with preschool and young children. She has been a riding instructor, nanny, environmental educator, mentor, and teacher. It was her role as an environmental educator that cemented her true passion for connecting children to nature. Mary was mentored in the 8 shields mentoring community and carries these cultural repair, mentoring training, and nature connection teachings with her.

Mary has a passion for birds and feels drawn to scan the sky and quietly walk the woods to see who is in the neighborhood. Mary’s love of birds and all creatures of the forest is easily felt by the children and quickly modeled. Mary has great interest in wild edibles, primitive fire building, shelter building, tree identification, and storytelling.

Mary lives in Durham with her husband Justin and young son Charlie. Mary enjoys walks through the forest with her family, birding, taking nature appreciation classes, and roller skating.