Maria is originally from North Bergen, New Jersey. She has three brothers and two sisters. Being the oldest girl helped Maria realize that working with children was something that came naturally to her so she began babysitting her younger siblings and cousins as often as she could. When her parents adopted a 2-month-old little girl in the summer of 2009, Maria took care of her until she was 5 months old. After her sister, Alexa, was put in daycare, Maria decided she wanted to continue to care for infants. She began working in childcare when she was a 17 and a senior in high school. She worked in a center for four years before she came to us here at TLS. She graduated from Riverside High School in 2010 and is still working on her college degree. She has recently decided she wants to pursue a career in occupational therapy! During her spare time, you’ll find her with her brothers and sisters, Alex, Luis, Alberto, Lesley, Alexa, her parents, or her friends. She loves music and local restaurants. Maria has enjoyed working with the age groups of infants, toddlers, and pre-k. To her, the most rewarding thing about working in childcare is knowing you’ve helped children learn new things every day and watching them grow.