(As told by Dustin) Dustin was raised on a mountaintop by a group of rock ‘n’ roll wizards. He was transported to your land by a magical riff played by Rifflord Tony Iommi. So friends, it’s Adventure Time, c’mon grab your friends, we’re going to distant lands. With Bandit the Guinea Pig and Dust the Human, the fun never ends, It’s Adventure Time! Come along with me, and the butterflies and bees, we can wander through the forest and do as we please. Come along with me, to the creek or the magic tree, where we can gaze upon the water, as an everlasting dream. Living so merrily. 

P.S. Jessica said Dustin is really smart

(As told by the real world) Born in Durham, Dustin has been part of The Little School in some way or another for several years now. A friend to several teachers here, he initially joined us as a helping hand on garden days, or sprucing up our toys in his spare time. He quickly stole our hearts, and when he was ready to step away from the music industry, joined us as a teacher. A hungry and motivated learner, Dustin is the first to raise his hand to attend professional development seminars, and organizer of school initiatives.  You can often find him singing to the kids with a guinea pig and/or guitar in hand.