Team Exploration



Victoria was raised in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado. She received her BA in Visual and Performing Arts, with an emphasis in Documentary Photography and a minor in Geography and Environmental Studies, from the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs. She has spent the past decade farming and teaching. She and her husband live with their blended family of four vivacious children (TLS alumni/attendees), and three fur-balls, in Hillsborough, NC. In her free time she enjoys soaking up time with family and friends, growing flowers and food, porch sitting, taking photographs, spoiling her doggies, trail running and hiking, rock climbing, skateboarding, mountain biking, and the occasional ride about town on her weird bedazzled circus bike. 




Courtney is a martial arts expert and has spent many years as a stunt woman for film and TV. She has taught children’s martial arts for over 20 years. She graduated from East Carolina University with a degree in Communications. Courtney is an artist working the mediums of sculpture and acrylic and oil paints. She operates the One Circle Chinese Goju Karate School out of her home Dojo.  After many years of globe trotting she came back to North Carolina and came home to TLS in 2015. She is over the moon to be teaching at The Little School!  Courtney is a part of Team Exploration, teaching martial arts and sharing her love for nature, art, and animals. She lives with her family and critters (Buck, Luna and Buddy) way out in the country where she grew up.



Mr. Cole was dropped off by unicorn storks in Hickory, NC. He learned to frolic at an early age and never stopped. Mr. Cole graduated from Rainbow Dash Wizard School with Magnum Lum Unicorn honors. He began working with children almost twelve years ago as a coach for youth sports. Cole joined The Little School back in 2007 as a professional frolicker. Together with his students, they have hiked and mapped the surrounding woods, discovering “the magic mountains”, “wonderland”, and countless other delights. Cole can find magic anywhere, and TLS is forever grateful for his humor, energy and joy. In his spare time, Mr. Cole likes to frolic between hither & yon, i.e. playing basketball, enjoying multiple brunches, running, and paddling down the Eno river with his best dog friend, Dover.



Kelly discovered TLS in August of 2010. After working as a substitute for a short time, Kelly knew TLS was where she wanted to be. She fell in love with the gentle nature of TLS’s environment and admired the center’s philosophy. Kelly has worked with children from infant to school age for many years. Her experience ranges from assisting in the public school environment to teaching preschool in various settings, to directing her own in-home childcare program. In addition to working with children, Kelly’s family was inspired to become a foster home for Orange County and she experienced many rewards and has many cherished memories from that experience. Kelly earned her Early Childhood Educators Credentials and is actively pursuing her degree in Early Childhood Education. She is blessed with three beautiful children and in her free time, she loves scrapbooking, photography, and trips to the beach with her husband and kids!

Amanda C 


Amanda joined The Little School in 2013. Since then she has been married and given birth to their daughter, Charlie. In between working and being a Mother, Amanda has attended Alamance Community College, earning her Associate’s degree in Animal Care Management. She dreams of one day working with the exotic animals at the zoo or large mammal rehabilitation center. Together with small groups of children, Amanda cares for our beloved school pigs, Norman Pickles and Hamlet. Her passion for animals has brought C.L.A.W.S. to our school, a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to helping wild and exotic animals. 



Teresa enjoys working with children if all ages. She has many years of childcare experience. She has taught as an after school teacher, teachers assistant & nanny to several local families. Teresa loves being part of a child’s journey through life! She hopes to nurture and foster each child’s unique gifts with compassion. Teresa has a passion for music, art, yoga, nidra, dance, story time, nature and animals. She enjoys sharing her passion with children and loves the creative process. Teresa lives in Chapel Hill with her husband/soul mate, Andrew, ad their dog Wolfie. Teresa is honored and grateful to be a part of the Little School Community.