(What is a pedagogista?)

Borrowing from the Reggio Emilia approach, a “pedagogista” (or coach) is master teacher assigned to a group of classes. With our ongoing efforts to live the little in The Little School, we discovered that we could thrive just that much more with this role. Like the name suggests, they are there to work with the teachers, help them brain storm ideas, trouble shoot sticky patches, and be another set of eyes, ears and big brains in your building. We are hoping they will be a quick access point for teachers and parents alike.


Heather Rose

Heather originally hails from California, but after living in North Carolina for over 17 years, she pretty much considers herself a native. Heather worked primarily with infants and toddlers during her 10 years as a teacher.  She values those years and the experience not only as a professional but as a mother.  Heather joined The Little School of Hillsborough in 2012 and the experience has continuously challenged and inspired her growth both professionally and as an ever-evolving human. In her role as a mentor teacher, she had the opportunity to build relationships with every classroom, teacher, and family at the school.  As the former director of The Little School of Duke, she found innovative ways to strengthen the school community, promote children’s presence in the greater community, advocate for the rights of all children to be treated with respect as capable and competent individuals, facilitate access to rigorous outdoor play, and expand the concept of nourishment to encompass the whole child.  In her spare time, she spends time with her son, Cas, exploring the town of Hillsborough, and daydreams of someday building and living on a tiny home commune with pigs, pygmy goats, chickens, guinea hen and a horse, while spending her days gardening and pickling all of the things!


Natasha was born and raised in Durham, NC. Tasha began her journey as an Early Childhood Educator in 2002, working with children from infancy to 6 years of age. She earned her AAS in Early Childhood Education in 2018. Natasha has a strong belief in the power of relationships, successfully advocating a continuity of care model for our school. 

Natasha takes pride in raising her daughter, Kaitlyn, and 2-year-old (Yorkie-poo) Brandy. Natasha has a couple of hobbies that she enjoys wildly, such as couponing (such an addiction!), baking, cooking, spending time with her family and friends, being a “classroom parent” at her daughter’s school, and listening to country music! Tasha joined TLS in 2013.


Victoria was raised in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado. She received her BA in Visual and Performing Arts, with an emphasis in Documentary Photography and a minor in Geography and Environmental Studies, from the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs. She has spent the past decade farming and teaching. She and her husband live with their blended family of four vivacious children (TLS alumni/attendees), and three fur-balls, in Hillsborough, NC. In her free time she enjoys soaking up time with family and friends, growing flowers and food, porch sitting, taking photographs, spoiling her doggies, trail running and hiking, rock climbing, skateboarding, mountain biking, and the occasional ride about town on her weird bedazzled circus bike. 


Mr. Cole was dropped off by unicorn storks in Hickory, NC. He learned to frolic at an early age and never stopped. Mr. Cole graduated from Rainbow Dash Wizard School with Magnum Lum Unicorn honors. He began working with children almost twelve years ago as a coach for youth sports. Cole joined The Little School back in 2007 as a professional frolicker. Together with his students, they have hiked and mapped the surrounding woods, discovering “the magic mountains”, “wonderland”, and countless other delights. Cole can find magic anywhere, and TLS is forever grateful for his humor, energy and joy. In his spare time, Mr. Cole likes to frolic between hither & yon, i.e. playing basketball, enjoying multiple brunches, running, and paddling down the Eno river with his best dog friend, Dover.


Originally from Massachusetts, Davian moved to North Carolina in search of warmer weather and to attend college. She graduated from Elon College in 2002 with a B.A. in Human Services and a minor in Psychology. She started working with young children as an after school care teacher and a summer camp counselor where she learned a wide variety of camp songs that she lovingly sings with her children every day. After college she gravitated back to her work with children and became a lead teacher for Toddlers, Twos and Preschool groups. She was introduced to the Reggio Philosophy and loved the value it places on children’s ideas and interests, and its respectful view of early childhood educators and the environment. In her free time she loves to watch baseball (GO RED SOX!!), and enjoys outdoor activities with her son Dexter. She also absolutely loves to take road trips and explore new places.