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CSA 2017 (Duke)

Our chefs have made strong partnerships with local farms, and are proposing that they experiment and create a custom farm to school collaborative program.  Chefs Chris, Nate, and Justin will source farm produce from ECO, McAdams, BlueSky and possibly others.  Using their best judgment, Chefs will select 4-5 different veggies for the week, balancing the familiar with a few more adventurous.  The produce will be delivered Friday and ready for pick up after 4 p.m.

The chefs will look to ensure that each subscriber is well taken care of.  We strongly believe this blends the ideals of the food program represented by TLS; guiding our students in relation to seasonal foods where they live and reinforcing our commitment to local, sustainable farms.  We will send an email each week of the produce included in your bag and which farms the items are from.

Each participating family would begin,on Friday, August 4th, with an 10 week commitment @ $15 a share/ week (total due at enrollment is $165).  There would also be a $15 startup fee (included in the $165) which would be used to purchase 2 insulated tote bags and cover any packing material.  Families will receive one bag of produce a week.  You return the empty bag on week 2 and your second bag is ready to go.  Our Farm to School Collaborative (CSA) will start on Friday, August 4th and end on Friday October, 6th.There is a limit to 23 families. If you purchased this past CSA (ending the 14th of July) and wish to participate in this CSA starting Friday, August 4th, you do not have to purchase the bags.

**After confirmation of you being on the list, you can pay the $165/150 by either cash or check. If you are paying by check, please make your check out to The Little School at Duke.**