Team Exploration


Erin has been teaching young kids for almost twenty years. She has been with The Little School for 4 years, both as a classroom teacher and as a Yoga and Gardening teacher. She loves to share her joy of being “in the moment” with kids and guiding them in exploring yoga, gardening, and nature.In her yoga with kids, she emphasizes breathing, slowing down and listening to our bodies. She also explores movement and connection. Through yoga, the kids learn skills that coincide with the school’s Conscious Discipline philosophy including composure, impulse control, community, and emotion awareness and regulation. Through gardening, kids learn about the needs of other living things and how to nurture them. We plant seeds, water them, watch them grow, and often eat the fruits, vegetables, and leaves they produce. We learn about interconnectedness. Many fascinating conversations emerge, leading to many a Reggio exploration. We also become more aware of the school as a community as we work together to help our gardens grow, beginning with Garden Day where families come and join in!



Dalia can be seen doing in-depth art explorations with kids of all ages, encouraging them to think through what materials they want to use and where they might want to take their art. Originally Dalia studied and worked designing textiles.  Her second career was raising her kids and during this time Dalia discovered she truly loves teaching young kids through art and outdoor explorations.  She has worked in early childhood education for six years and is currently working on her Associate’s degree.  When asked why she loves teaching art to kids, she replies, “Children are naturally curious.  That’s not something we have to teach them.  They get to manipulate the hands-on materials in any format they want.”  Dalia believes in conserving our natural resources by reusing as many materials as she can.  During her spare time, Dalia is doing her own original works in painting, concrete sculpture, and welding.  She is a proud Breast Cancer survivor.



Chad was born and raised in Durham,NC. For a short time, he lived in Gowanda,NY. He has a 13-year-old daughter and a six-year-old son. He is the Vice President of The Bull City Beadsmen, a facial hair club here in Durham. Chad truly loves working at The Little School at Duke.