(What is a pedagogista?)

Similar to the Reggio “pedagogista”, TLS is creating the role of mentor teacher. With our ongoing efforts to live the little in The Little School, we discovered that we could thrive just that much more with this role. Like the name suggests, they are there to work with the teachers, help them brain storm ideas, trouble shoot sticky patches, and be another set of eyes, ears and big brains in your building. We are hoping they will be a quick access point for teachers and parents alike. We are thrilled to see this dream in action.

Amethyst: Infant

Amethyst was born in Durham, NC. As the eldest of many siblings, she always knew she wanted to be a teacher of young minds. Nothing touches her more deeply than watching children grow and learn. Seeing the wonder in their eyes when they encounter something new gives her such joy. She believes the benefits of nature are immeasurable as a teacher and as a person. She is happiest hiking, jumping in puddles or chasing bugs with her little friends. On the weekends, you can find her enjoying the outdoors with her husband, two daughters, and two dogs. She believes children have so much to offer and is grateful to come to school each day to travel on this journey with them.

Janet: Pre-K

Janet has been living in NC and working at TLS since 2016. She is from California and earned her B.S. in Human Development with minors in Education and Psychology from UC Davis. It was during an internship at the UC Davis Early Childhood Lab that she discovered her passion for the early childhood education field. She has been working in the field ever since. When she is not at TLS (or working from home!), she enjoys staying active by hiking and running outdoors. She loves running so much that she has run in four marathons and plans to continue running more! She also enjoys spending time with her fiancé, Siberian Husky, and cat, as well as catching up with her family that’s in California.


Laura Haslam: Toddler

After spending six years at The Little School, Laura took the 2015-2016 school year to pursue a Master’s degree in Education and Human Development through the teacher education program at Boulder Journey School in Boulder, Colorado. This process has been quite a whirlwind, and she is excited to share the things that she has learned with the educators and students at The Little School. Laura earned her BA in English in 2005 from Faulkner University and promptly started working with three-year-olds at a local preschool. Since then, she has learned so much about being an intentional, thoughtful teacher from the children and adults alike, and is excited to learn from and support such a community of like minded people! Laura lives in Chapel Hill with her husband, Josh, and their cats, Junie, Jilly, and Leonard. She is a big fan of quirky workplace comedies, reading the same books over and over again, strolling through the woods, and going on grocery store adventures.